Our Services

Our Services

Real Estate Consultancy

We provide comprehensive services in all aspect of Real Estate to our clients. Our real estate initiatives are fully designed to get the immediate project done. Our Estate Surveyors and property consultants are trained to deliver strategies that takes into account  the short and long term view. Our innovative advice and assessment will help our clients to gain a competitive advantage in their real estate investments.


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Every investment decision depends on knowledge and advice. It is very critical to know precisely what an asset is worth when decisions are to be taken on purchase or disposal, financial reporting, performance measurement, raising debt or equity, loan reviews, strategic planning, asset risk analysis, dispute resolution and due diligence.

We perform valuations and appraisals for a wide range of assets and property types;

  • Residential
  • Commercial/Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Hotels and leisure
  • Furniture, Fittings & Fixtures
  • Statutory Valuations (Compensation, Rating & Taxation)

  • Plant, Machinery and Equipment
  • Aircraft
  • Power Plants
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Oil & Gas Installations
  • Marine Valuation
  • Agricultural Valuations

Our valuation services, in addition to providing present value assessments give an insight into market trends and income projections.

Agency/Property Brokerage

Our property brokerage services covers representation of property owners whether they are institutional investors, individuals or other corporate entities in their sales and leasing transactions.

Our Leasing staff, have established industry relationships and in-depth knowledge of local property markets in various regions so that we can identify opportunities that will benefit our clients.

Our Sales department provides strategic market information that assists our clients in making smart decisions to sell or buy. We ensure that all sales transactions are executed within applicable regulations and standards to ensure that our clients’ transactions are concluded with minimal investment risk, within the right time frame and at the right price.

When we take on any property (Sale or lease), we develop a marketing strategy that cuts across multiple channels to attract high quality tenants and expose our clients’ assets to the right market.

Facility/Property Management

Property Management is both an art and a science, combining experience and knowledge to meet our clients expectations,

Every property or asset owner wants to earn more by optimizing financial returns and lease terms. When we manage property on your behalf, we’ll deliver by acting as your partner and bringing an ownership mindset to every aspect of operations by bringing together the right tenant mix with the right terms while minimizing voids. We support building operations, physical maintenance, tenant relations, accounting, leasing and marketing.  We work to satisfy our clients long and short term objectives for ownership and develop a strategy to achieve the highest investment returns. We’ll always act in your best interests to ensure that your property is being managed efficiently, safely and sustainably.

Property Development and Building to Suit Services

We manage the design and construction of real estate projects from beginning to end, handling every detail on our clients’ behalf. At Paul Osaji & Co, we view property development and building services as an art while paying close attention to details and the processes that bring about the complete project. Every property development/project we undertake is guided by a desire to satisfy our client’s needs. To achieve this, we constantly conduct market research on economic and political factors, market share, real estate market demographics, current design trends and innovations in building processes.


Our property development services covers;

  • Identification of Development opportunities
  • Site Identification and Appraisal
  • Concept Design and Analysis
  • Cost – Benefit Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Market Research and Neighbourhood Analysis Studies to determine forces shaping the real estate market
  • Project feasibility and Viability/Pre Investment Studies


Project Management

For any development project to be successful, the design, funding, construction and marketing must be well articulated from inception. Our extensive experience addresses all real estate project management needs. Our project managers are trained to achieve the best possible outcomes in terms of quality, time, cost and safety. They possess wide expertise in commercial real estate operations, residential homes, engineering, architecture and construction. We ensure that all projects we manage are delivered within defined constraints as well as optimize all allocation and integration of inputs needed to meet pre-defined objectives. We endeavor to adapt to various internal procedures of contracting parties and form close links with the nominated representatives as this is essential in ensuring that client satisfaction is realized.


Investment Analysis and Management

Our team of investment and management analysts located all over our branches and are active in advising our client in all aspect of real estate investment and management options. They operate as entrepreneurial team drawing on all the resources within the global market. Driven by both in-depth local, state, regional and international knowledge of real estate investment and management, we deliver customized investment and management strategies to all our clients.

Land Use Advisory, Analysis and Resources Management

We understand the changing nature of development regulations on land that can influence the suitability of individual parcels for specific development uses. With our experience in the identification and negotiation of land sales over the years, we help investors make sense of opportunities and risks and help developers find the right parcel of land that will support their development/investment objectives with minimum hassle and delay.

Governmental/Statutory Services

We represent our clients both individual and corporate on all statutory matters concerning real estate including rating and property tax matters, compensation etc. Our services covers;

  • Representing properties owners of acquired properties on compensation assessment, verification and claims.
  • Representing Government or Corporate Organizations on all acquisition and compensation matters.
  • Representation of individuals and corporate bodies on property tax matters to ensure fair assessment of property taxes and prompt payment of same.
  • Rendering relevant professional advice to individuals and cooperate bodies on public private partnership relationships
  • Processing of Governor’s consent on subsequent land transactions.


Our researchers are dedicated to providing our clients flawless research data in all aspects of real estate investment. Our research services tailored to individual needs provide intelligence and foresight needed to take critical property investment decision. Our extensive database of property information; knowledge, interpretation, insight and analysis of market demographics provides support for investors to take advantage of changing market conditions. Our research services offer more than data and historical perspectives. It helps our clients understand emerging trends in real estate. In addition to our property and market research services, we also research global, regional and local market demographics to give further insight for better investment decisions.